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Our mission is to deliver dream homes to our clients through our an impressive suite of services, high-quality workmanship and dedication.

Sydney Building and Construction Group is a highly reputable construction company built on trust, quality and dedication. We specialise in residential construction, renovations and extensions, landscaping, and commercial development. We also proudly provide general labour and maintenance services.

Our talented team consists of experts who have experience spanning over 12 years in several sectors across Australia. Their high-quality workmanship and materials are at the core of our business and are primarily responsible for our success, reputation and value. In our industry, employees are integral to affording you your dream property. We are excellent at working in tandem and playing off of each other’s strengths, allowing you to benefit from our expertise and talent.

At Sydney Building and Construction Group, we understand that communication and collaboration is the key to bringing your dreams to life. We will take the time to really understand your individual needs and make your vision become a reality. We build with integrity and pride, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process, from project conception to completion.

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Our mission is to deliver dream homes to our clients through our
impressive suite of services, high-quality workmanship and dedication.


Collaboration is our route to your success. In addition to maintaining solid lines of communication, we communicate with our clients throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Commitment & dedication

Every member will not just be committed to your dream but dedicated to executing it according to your specifications. We know how important your home is and will tirelessly work towards meeting your expectations.

Quality assurance

Quality work is what sets us apart. To maintain consistency across all of our projects, we offer our Quality Assurance Guarantee across all of our services, giving you confidence in our company and peace of mind when it comes to your work.


We give exceptional value to every project that we take on. Refining our process and utilising the strengths of individual team members and their cumulative experience is how we ensure that each client gets the most out of their project.


The safety of our employees, sub-contractors and clients is of the utmost importance. With strict health and safety protocols in compliance with WHS codes of practice, we protect you, our employees and your project.