Foundation underpinning

The process of underpinning usually involves the injection of resin into the ground beneath your home through small holes. The resin then expands, filling any vacated spaces, to strengthen the foundation and re-level the building. Thus, restoring your buildings structural integrity.

Underpinning may be needed for a range of reasons including, but not limited to, weak or unstable foundation, soil properties supporting the bulding may have changed, increasing the load capacity of the current foundation to enable the extension of the building and re-stabalising the foundation after an earthquake, flood, drought or other natural disaster.

Underpinning is a cost effective solution which has proven success within the construction industry. The cost of underpinning is usually a fraction of the cost of demolition and rebuilding. It can be performed on a variety of buildings (from residential to industrial) and building types (such as brick, steel and stone among others).


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