Professional Basement Repair Specialist in Sydney

Basements are becoming popular space in Sydney’s residential and commercial builds. Whether it be carpark basements, storage basements or simply additional space for families, basements are valuable asset to any property. Therefore, it’s important to address any sign of damage or leak you find in your basement as soon as possible.

A flooded basement is a major cause of concern, which can lead to a number of other issues to the property, if not addressed immediately.

Basement waterproofing is essential before the construction of any properties. Excess moisture in the soil can create hydrostatic pressure, which can in-turn force water to seep through cracks. It is commonly seen in the coastal areas of Australia, particularly after heavy rain, even a small amount of water slowly seeping through a basement wall and floor is not immediately obvious and can take years to get noticed. Persistent water intrusion will result in basement repairs needed as well as other moisture-related problems that too would need to be rectified.

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At Sydney Building and Construction Group, no job is impossible to fix!

We work to diagnose the root cause of the damage and, we implement the appropriate solution required to address the problem at hand. We use cutting-edge waterproofing materials and techniques to keep water out of your leaking basement.

Our Services and Solutions include and not limited to the following: Basement Concrete Repairs, Basement Wall Repairs, Basement Hydrostatic Pressure , Basement Drainage Solutions, Basement Waterproofing, Basement Concrete Tanks, Basement Grout Injections, Foundation Repairs, Shotcrete Services.

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If you are facing basement leaking issues and is looking for a basement repair specialist in Sydney, call us now!

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