We are registered Class 2 Building Practitioner in Sydney.

As a Registered Building Practitioner, we Make building compliance declarations that all building work complies with the BCA and is built in accordance with the declared regulated designs—for any work that they sign off, including work completed by contractors and subcontractors. From 1 July 2021, the scheme introduced changes to restore consumer confidence. These changes are to make sure that buildings being built are trustworthy, safe and secure, that the industry is more customer-focused, and that better data is captured throughout the building lifecycle.

The Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (DBP Act) regulates design and building work in NSW by imposing certain obligations on Design, Building and Engineering Practitioners.

The DBP legislation, in conjunction with the Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Act 2020 (RAB Act), imposes obligations on construction industry professionals to design and build in accordance with the Building Code of Australia to prevent defects in building work and provides enforcement powers to the Secretary of the Department of Customer Service to maintain effective oversight of building work in NSW.

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