Extend your roots, exactly where you are

From increasing the space of your home for your growing family to wanting to enjoy a more comfortable living space, extensions are one of the most flexible and effective solutions for homeowners in need of improvement. If you lack space but love where you live, extending your home may just be the cost-effective answer you need.

As people grow older, their lifestyles, needs and goals change, creating the need to alter the place where they spend the most time. Homes are special places within communities that become treasured, loved and important parts of homeowners’ lives. Extending your home allows you to remain in your community and grow your home according to your families needs.

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We understand the value of extensions

You have several options to extend your home – from single-storey, double-storey, side or rear extensions, to conservatories, outbuildings and garages. We will walk you through each course of action and help you determine which is best and most appropriate according to your lifestyle, family and budget. Whatever your selection, you’ll also be increasing your property’s value – an added advantage of extensions.

At Sydney Building & Construction Group, we believe that one of our most popular assets is that our employees take the time to fully comprehend your individual requirements, enabling us to design and build an extension that’s perfect for you and your family.